Josh  Patrick

Josh Patrick

Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first “real” business at 24: a foods service and vending company with 1.5 employees. By the time he sold the business in 1995, it had grown to 90 employees and $6.5M. His second venture was in the wealth management and consulting business where he started Stage 2 Planning Partners and The Sustainable Business.
Josh has read over 2,000 business books, taught over 200 companies strategic, financial and people management skills and has attended over 150 business development programs. He likes to think that there is no business strategic activity that he doesn’t at least have enough knowledge on to have a reasonable conversation.
He has several programs he’s developed to help private business owners create an economically and personally sustainable business. Some of them are The Objective Review, The Stage 2 Hiring process and the Financial Freedom Project.