Judy  Pearson

Judy Pearson

Award-winning writer Judy Pearson’s career began in a tree: a wonderful old maple in her parents’ backyard, with a perfect branch on which to sit and write. Now hundreds of thousands of words later, this Michigan native’s voice is still inspiring! Judy is a graduate of MSU, she has written nearly two decades worth of newspaper and magazine articles, and has published three books. Her first two are biographies about ordinary people who exhibited extraordinary courage: Belly of the Beast & Wolves at the Door. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011 caused Judy to depart from biographies and write her third book. It’s Just Hair: 20 Essential Life Lessons was selected as a 2012 International Book Award finalist. Recognizing that helping is healing, Judy’s survivorship led her to found A2ndAct.org. The non-profit organization supports and celebrates women survivors of all cancers as they use their gifts of time and experience to give back to the greater good.