Deirdre  Hade

Deirdre Hade

Deirdre Hade began to see energy at a very early age, but she never understood why until her mother, poet Katherine Blumer Hade, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer when Deirdre was sixteen. Together, the two women began developing a method of energy work they coined Radiance Healing, which led her mother to live thirteen years longer than expected. Since then, Deirdre’s work has expanded into the development of a system of spiritual awakening and healing based on her depth of experience in the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. Her life’s work, now renamed The Radiance Journey, is an inner energy practice of ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, and mindfulness on the qualities of divine light for transpersonal growth. She has taught the Radiance Journey to thousands throughout the country. Her non-profit, The Foundation for Radiance, has given workshops on self-esteem and personal healing to the Woman’s Prison Association of New York and The Nuveo Imancear.