Gerry  McCusker

Gerry McCusker

As an Online Reputation Management adviser, Gerry McCusker is the author of the pop-academic text and blog ‘Public Relations Disasters’ (Kogan Page) and the founder of trans-media crisis simulation technology, The Drill. The Drill as an interactive SaaS training portal that teaches crisis management via interactive publishing.
Gerry has published reputation leadership essays with IPRA, Mumbrella, Broadcast & Television, Marketing Magazine and is regularly sought and quoted by Australian press, radio and TV outlets on PR disasters.
Based in Melbourne, Gerry provides strategic and crisis management advice and industry insights to ‘tough-to-love’ brands and via regular contributions to industry association events and publications, as well as at conferences and seminars in Australia and overseas.
Recent client simulations have supported the work of key players in the Agri, Food, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Marine, Oil and Gas, plus Tourism sectors.