Marie Y.  Robinson

Marie Y. Robinson

As a proud Jamaican, it has long been my desire to host an event that would impact my beautiful Island. My zeal for community service and desire to serve others led me to become involved with others who have the same desire and passion.
The idea of creating an event that would raise funds here in Connecticut was as a result of my interest in the Bobsled team over the years as well as, conversations with friends and family who encouraged me to go for it.
After realizing that due to the lack of financial support for training, equipment and other resources in previous years the team has not been able to perform at their full potential, I felt the need to help these amazing athletes in whatever small way I could in order that their talents would get the recognition they deserved. With this in mind, I was inspired to take on the challenge. To this end, with the help of God, many friends, family, and partnerships we have brought this event to Life!