Lones  Wigger

Lones Wigger

Lones is a Five-Time Olympian with 2 Gold and one Silver and has won 111 medals in International competitions with 65 Gold, 38 Silver and 8 bronze. He has won more medals in International shooting competitions than any other shooter athlete in the world.
Lones graduated from Montana State College in June 1960 with a BS degree in Agronomy and entered the US Army in 1961 with a commission in Infantry. He was assigned to USAMU and the International Rifle Team as an Instructor/Shooter. He was sent to the Infantry Advanced Course in 1966 and then assigned to MACV as an advisor to the Vietnamese where he earned the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star, and Air Medal.
He was promoted to Major in 1970 and returned to Viet Nam in 1971 to the 23rd Infantry Division as OIC of their Sniper Instructor Team where he received his 2nd Bronze Star. In 1972 he returned to USAMU. and in 1978 promoted to LTC. He remained in that job until he retired in 1987 with a Legion of Merit award.