Joe  Steiner

Joe Steiner

After 35 years, 52 racetracks, and 32 broken bones, jockey Joe Steiner retired July 21, 2016. Steiner said he'll pursue a career in sports psychology following a riding career in which he rode in 10,846 races. He said ideally he'd like to help jockeys and other athletes deal with the trials and tribulations of life. That decision has already become a reality as he is the “Life Coach” for 27-year-old Rocco Bowen, the current leading rider at Emerald Downs.
"With all those injuries, you get time to think. What would I have a passion for?" Steiner said. "What would feel the same as riding horses? I did real estate, I did other things—I could never find it. I couldn't find anything that compared to what I feel with riding horses until this."
Steiner and his wife Dagmire Sabine Galleithner, a world-renowned artist, have a son named Jonah Joe gets on horseback several days a week, working horses for Wesley Ward and Brian Lynch at Keeneland and Brendan Walsh at Churchill Downs.