Jamila  Dawson

Jamila Dawson

Jamila Dawson, LMFT is a polyamorous, kinky, queer sex therapist, speaker, and educator. She specializes in counseling around sexuality and non-traditional relationships as well as provides coaching for changemakers seeking to integrate the personal and the professional. Her work is grounded in social justice, sex-positivity, liberation psychology, and community mental health.
Jamila brings to her clinical work over 10 years of experience as a sex-educator, providing workshops for some of the most well-known adult stores in Los Angeles. She conducts trainings and seminars for clinicians and the general public. Born and raised in Southern California, she has also lived and studied in Paris, France. She believes deeply in working toward embodied social justice and relational wellness. Her life experiences have combined to make her an advocate for pleasure, connection, and collaborative expression whether in personal relationships or professional organizations.