Jim  Lane

Jim Lane

After the divorce of his parents and no father in the home Jim began following the crowd. This led to failing, dropping out of high school, and building a hot rod. In 1965 Jim joined the Marines and went to Vietnam in 67’ and loaded 500 POUND bombs 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jim did two tours back to back. In 1968 he became a helicopter door gunner. Having identified the problem Jim Lane has written a book: The Difference between Men & Boys. In 1995 Jim got certified as a consultant for Character First and has been speaking on the subject of Character ever since. He was supported by his business Lane Stairs. Now Mr. Lane speaks in colleges, schools, civic clubs, and businesses on Character and will be training people in forty-nine character qualities through live events, webinars, and a membership website that will drip feed in bite-size chunks.