Stormy  Simon

Stormy Simon

Stormy joined in 2001 during the formative years of e-commerce, when the company's revenue was less than $20M and employees numbered under 100. In the beginning, Stormy developed PR in-house, the Books, Music & Movie store, ran the warehouse, and many other processes, positions and departments. She was promoted to VP of Branding in 2004 after writing and producing the iconic "Discover the Secret of the Big O" campaign which contributed to Overstock becoming a household name. She became an SVP in 2007, and oversaw many departments, including Customer Care, Partner Care, Supply Chain, and all marketing divisions, culminating with her becoming president of the company in 2014 with approximately 1600 employees. Stormy is an established e-commerce innovator, pioneer, as well as a proven business leader. In summer 2016, she stepped down as President of Overstock to explore the emerging American cannabis industry.