Rosalyn  Kahn

Rosalyn Kahn

Rosalyn Kahn is a College Professor Public Speaking Instructor at Compton College and Los Angeles City College. She is also an Author, International Motivational Speaker and Speech Coach, including on the TEDx stage where she has spoken many times. She began her business Coaching and Professional Speaking nearly 3 years ago.
Rosalyn has trained 1000s of students & worked with individuals - from teens to business executives, helping them improve their presentation skills to improve their earnings. Her gift is helping individuals achieve their goal with speaking with their authentic voice. She has spoken at 100s of organizations. Currently, she’s extremely honored to be joining forces with extremely gifted, talented, and heart centered Stephanie Marks and Valerie Ester on this program helping woman get their messages to the UN and the world.
She has published two books: Random Acts of Kindness are Changing the World and Roses and Dogs –How to Reduce Stress in Today’s Troubled Times.