Anisa  Rashad

Anisa Rashad

Anisa Rashad holds an MBA from The Johns Hopkins University. She is the founder and CEO of Anisa Rashad Enterprises. A mentee of Dr. Bertice Berry, Anisa has learned from and been mentored by some of the best in the business. Her corporate work and client partnerships span diverse industries. Anisa yields exceptional business results and has worked with thousands of executives in Fortune 500 companies and government agencies for over 25 years as an executive coach and leadership strategist. Her key focus areas are driving change, developing diverse talent, and leading strategic initiatives to accelerate business growth and performance. Anisa’s most important values include faith, family, fitness, quiet time and work that serves others. Whether she is consulting with you about your business, your career, or your life Anisa inspires you create more meaning, maximize your moments, and make more money.