Amy  Weiland

Amy Weiland

Amy Weiland is the Director of Training and Educational Development for PositiveIQ. For 10 years Amy has created and presented workshops for Fortune 500 companies across the country. While she has trained on subjects ranging from stress management and work life balance to negotiation, delegation, and effective leadership, teaching about positivity is her passion.
PositiveIQ is a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the well-being and supporting individuals, businesses, and communities in living a more Hopefull life.
While gathering the research to use in corporate workshops, she's discovered that positivity requires a great amount of grit. She's learned that positivity is determination to create a good life. It's not wishful thinking or hoping that something good will just happen. It's a process of interacting with negativity life throws our way. It's continual, conscious work but she's personally found it's absolutely work worth doing.