Ellie  Peterson, Inspirer

Ellie Peterson, Inspirer

Ellie Peterson, creator of the Meditative Movement™ technique, teaches individuals how to listen to their own mind and body so they can be a positive influence in the lives of the people they serve. Ellie graduated from the College of St. Catherine in 1992. She has taught thousands of people how to exercise their own personal power in a new way to achieve optimal health and well-being. The 2016 University of Minnesota Occupational Therapy Department feasibility research study concluded that Meditative Movements™ may be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and fatigue, while improving emotional and functional well-being.
Ellie is an author and professional speaker. To learn more about her and see videos of the powerful Meditative Movements™, you can visit her website: ppworkouts.com and stay connected via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PowerPositiveWorkouts/