Natalie  Lu, BA, MSN, RN

Natalie Lu, BA, MSN, RN

Inspired by fellow nurses and our partners in healing, Natalie Lu, BA, MSN, RN, is the founder of The Reflective Nurse, a community forum and blog for reflection on practice. Natalie has worked in the health care industry since May of 2000. A registered nurse since 2008, she is passionate about her current work in quality and patient safety for a pediatric hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her nursing career has served her with opportunities in direct patient care and beyond the bedside to teach, to advise current and budding nurses in clinical and academic settings, and to volunteer her nursing skills locally and abroad. Natalie holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing/Health Care Education. The Reflective Nurse is propelled by gratitude for the work and ideas we share.