Rob  Leatham

Rob Leatham

Rob’s passion for guns and shooting became apparent at a young age. He grew up in a family that shot together almost every weekend. In the early 1980’s Rob began winning pistol competitions.
Most of his near and dear accomplishments are with pistols. He is an 8-time USPSA/IPSC Senior National Champion, a 10-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion, a 17-time Single Stack National Champion and a 28-Time USPSA National Champion. Rob remarked: “It’s hard to believe, but as of 2016, I’m able to compete in the Senior category in both IPSC and USPSA. Yeah that’s painful – in more ways than one.”
In his spare time, he provides firearms instruction for the United States Military, various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and civilian competitors. Rob has taught for over two decades, and has a great eye for detail – as he’s seen it all. Rob’s approach is not traditional, but at the end of the day he’s always able to help his students make progress.