Philip  Nichols Jr.

Philip Nichols Jr.

JUDGE NICHOLS was born and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland where his family has resided for generations. He was appointed a Judge of the Circuit Court in 1992, elected to a fifteen year term in November, 1994, and again in 2012. Prior to that, he served as Judge of the District Court of Maryland from 1985 and was twice elected a Judge of the Orphans Court where he served from 1977 until 1985. By special designation, he has presided over trials in twelve of Maryland's twenty-three counties and the City of Baltimore. He has presided over 650 civil and criminal jury trials, over twenty five of which were first degree murder trials and two capital murder cases.
Since his military retirement in 2007, he has served as Fleet Professor in the National Security Affairs Department of the U.S. Naval War College. He started his tenth year teaching the Theater Security Decision Making seminar to members of the faculty and staff at the U.S. Naval Academy earning their Master’s Degree.