Suga  T

Suga T

SUGA-T" Stevens is admired as "The First Lady" of the Bay Area's First Family of Rap, The Click, featuring her brothers E40, D-Shot, and cousin B-Legit. She is also the biggest record selling West Coast Female Hip Hop Artist ever. This renaissance woman is a thirty year veteran that helped pave the way for females in Hip Hop today. She is the visionary founder of Sprinkle Me Social Enterprise found at . Suga-T was coached as a talent and executive by her icon brothers E40, and D-Shot along with her cousin B-Legit in her successful family record label Sick Wild It Records, to intervene during her reckless behavior as a teen mom. Through the years, she has earned many awards, including a collective amount of gold and platinum records. She returned to school and completed up to a Master's Degree, along with a variety of other credentials. Although "SUGA-T" Stevens was originally branded as a Hip-Hop Legend, she is also a multi-talented songwriter/producer/