Ivan  Edmunds

Ivan Edmunds

For Ivan Edmunds http://ivanedmunds.com/, it all started with the sultry sounds of Sinatra…At 8-years-old, Ivan became enchanted with the lyrics, tone and passion that the legendary singer is best known for and was inspired to celebrate the blessings of his vocal talents. He initially started out in the R&B/Pop music genre but after answering “Yes” to the call of God, he decided to combine his faith with music and serve God through ministry and Christian songwriting and performing. For most singers, life experience often contributes to the story behind their music’s lyrics, drawing emotion and the telling of a cathartic story. For Ivan, his testimony, faith and inspiration for his lyrics, stem from his years of being bound to drugs, alcohol and illicit behaviors which eventually led to homelessness. He found himself sleeping on the sidewalks of downtown Los Angeles but thankfully, with the power of God’s love, Ivan redirected his life.