Simon  Spencer

Simon Spencer

Simon Spencer is the new host of Breaking Banks Asia.
Simon brings the best of agile, dynamic, innovative ‘startup’ thinking to help enterprises large and small ‘think outside the box’, deliver new capabilities and emerge as leaders in a very rapidly changing business landscape.
With experience across many industries around the world ranging from the worlds largest and most successful banks, through to telecommunications, Research & Development and NASDAQ and ASX listed startups, Simon has been able to anticipate and see the broader implications and challenges, identify the key opportunities and importantly mobilize and lead the right teams to fully take advantage of them.
As Innovator, architect, disruptive influence, CIO, CTO, program lead, founder, GM or CEO, Simon is fundamentally someone who gets the best out of the people around him, who plays the cards face up and builds loyalty, energy and momentum while providing strong leadership and an exciting and clear direction.