Dr. Jeremiah  Thompson

Dr. Jeremiah Thompson

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, Dr. Jeremiah Thompson is internationally acclaimed as a healer among healers. Although he has been on numerous radio talk shows (the latest being the largest Russian radio station in America), he actually doesn’t advertise his services and seems quite happy to have never had a website. Apparently, he doesn’t need one! For more than 20 years his client base from all over the world has come to him strictly by referral. If Jeremiah is a healer, he is even more so an educator. His approach to health and healing is quite outside the box. First; Jeremiah doesn’t believe in disease! Neither does he believe in curing nor has never claimed to practice. Both his teachings and applications are founded on two principles: 1) both illness and health are an inside job, and 2) hard chemistry (non-living substances) is destructive to natural biological environments; specifically the human body.