Richard  Estep

Richard Estep

Richard Estep has been a paranormal investigator 23 years, researching haunted locations on both sides of the Atlantic. Richard has appeared on the Destination America TV show “Haunted Case FIles.” He is the author of several non-fiction paranormal books. He makes his living as a paramedic and clinical educator. He also volunteers as a firefighter-paramedic, teaches EMT, and paramedic students at three different medical training establishments, and serves as an on-call communications technician/paramedic on a federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT). In the tiny amount of free time that does not involve paranormal investigation and writing about it, he is an unabashed geek, with a particular bias towards all things Star Wars. He is a collector and reader of books. Richard lives in colorful Colorado with his wife, dog, and far too many black cats.