Stefan  Wissenbach

Stefan Wissenbach

Stefan is a successful entrepreneur who is passionate about the impact of engagement on businesses. He speaks regularly at conferences and events throughout the UK, Europe and America. For over 20 years he has been a coach and adviser to leading business figures and entrepreneurs. He is founder of - a business transformation program delivering unambiguous insight and data enabling business owners to make smart decisions and efficiently transform their companies. He has enabled business owners and CEOs to simplify the complexities of employee engagement and improve retention, morale, productivity and profitability. A best-selling author. His latest book, The Engaged Organisation, explains how business own-ers can build the company they dream about. He is also co-author of Change Agents with Brian Tracy. He is founder of The Engagement Foundation, which has built 4 schools in Africa. He is married with 3 children di-viding his time between London and Chicago.