Raphael  Kellman, MD

Raphael Kellman, MD

Dr. Raphael Kellman is a respected author and physician. A graduate of Albert Einstein School of Medicine, he has, over the past two decades, treated more than 40,000 patients, developing a global reputation for investigating the root causes of disease and pioneering the use of functional and microbiome medicine. As a doctor trained in internal medicine, Dr. Kellman uses the latest drugs and technology to treat his patients. His helps patients with specific, complex illnesses, as well as those with myriad symptoms and no clear diagnosis. His patient-centered, holistic practice focuses on the complex interaction of each patient’s systems. In addition to providing patient care and managing a thriving medical practice, Dr. Kellman publishes and lectures all over the world, advocating for whole-patient care and discussing his cutting-edge approach to curing illness through healing the micro biom. Dr. Kellman lives with his wife and two young daughters—his greatest inspirations, in NYC.