Drew  Davis, MBA

Drew Davis, MBA

Having led in restaurants and a start up, Drew is no stranger to the travails of leadership, mentorship, and management in chaotic, cash-constrained environments. After graduating from Harvard in 2009, he worked his way up from being a busboy in Boston to being a beverage director for Momofuku in New York City, where he managed the buying, pricing, and selling of wine, beer, and spirits. Deciding that he wanted to have more ownership of the guest experience, he earned an MBA at the Booth School of Business with the goal of opening his own restaurant. At Booth, Drew met his business partner. He joined the Eastman Egg team in January 2014 and served as COO for three years. In his time there, the company grew to four operating units and grew its revenues and team each by a factor of 10. Drawing on his business expertise and track record of successful career transitions, Drew is a life and career coach to corporate professionals who are exploring a segue into entrepreneurship.