Glain  Roberts-McCabe

Glain Roberts-McCabe

Glain Roberts-McCabe is the Founder/President of The Roundtable in Toronto, Canada.
Glain Roberts-McCabe is on a personal mission to inspire great leadership. As Founder and President of The Roundtable, Glain and her team are helping today’s generation of leaders bring more conscious leadership to their work and the world.
Through their innovative and multi-award-winning Roundtable Peer-to-Peer Coaching Programs and their “leaders teaching leaders” community, The Roundtable is known as a place where leaders cultivate their leadership, together. In 2016, The Roundtable was named as the Best External Consulting Provider at the Canadian HR Awards.
Glain is frequent guest columnist for the Globe and Mail, Realizing Leadership online magazine and former Leadership Guru for BizTV Canada
Glain shares her passion for what she learns through a monthly newsletter (The Roundtable Recap) and her leadership blog (RoundTable Talk).