Jacquelin  Schaffer

Jacquelin Schaffer

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer is most well-known for her study of neuro hormones and how to achieve inner and outer beauty. Originally from Northern California, she grew up in a family of health care professionals. This inspired her to pursue and earn her MD from the international Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary. Backed by her medical background and personal experience of watching her mother fight skin cancer twice, Dr. Schaffer knew that she could create a plan with principles that would help women look and feel their best. Dr. Schaffer founded Schique Beauty and wrote Irresistible You to help educate women on their skin and wellness by linking the wisdom in nature to scientific research.Outside of the beauty world, you can find Dr. Schaffer working with her charity A Sandwich a Day, whose mission it is to feed the homeless and offer nutritional education to those in need, hiking in LA’s hot spots, and writing blogs based off of her beauty bible, Irresistible You.