Kezia  Luckett

Kezia Luckett

Kezia Luckett is the Conscious Connector, CEO & Trailblazer behind Women of Contribution, a powerful, global movement for purpose driven women who want to collaborate and share their gifts with the world.
Having spent all of her life being the ‘go to’ person for women in need, eight years ago she took a step further. Having personally identified with the struggle that many professional women have juggling the ever busy work/life balance she created a successful, female based concierge company dedicated to supporting women in every aspect of their lives.
As the business grew and flourished, Kezia got lost in a sea of responsibility and service to others until she felt she failed to exist at all. A series of events and the words of a business coach who said “Your business is no longer making you happy” was the wake up call to follow her heart, remember her passion and change the way her life was going.
Today she is leading others to see the beauty in their contribution to the world.