Patt  Lind-Kyle

Patt Lind-Kyle

Author, teacher, speaker, consultant and a long-time meditator, Patt has a broad range of interests. She taught in the academic world and practices as a management consultant and executive coach. Patt has been exploring brain/mind research and working with new tools of neuro-monitoring to help individuals become more effective with their brain/mind potential for many years.In Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening and bonus videos, she guides us through practices for rewiring the brain and meditation to awaken the mind to its true self in life before death. Her book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain won the Independent Publishers Gold Medal Award and a Best Book Award from USA Book News. Patt has written a chapter in Audacious Aging and she is also the author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up.Patt is also a co-founder of Lind & Kyle Consultants, an executive development company that applies neuro-monitoring tools for stress management, health, and peak performance.