Karlyn  Pipes

Karlyn Pipes

At 15, Karlyn Pipes was a Junior National champion and seemed destined for greatness. That same year, however, she slipped into a dark pattern of alcohol abuse. Despite having amazing athletic skills, her life was in complete free-fall and she hit rock bottom at age 31. It was then that she found the courage, strength and resilience to turn her life around by returning to the one thing that had created both the pain and pleasure in her life...the water. Today, Karlyn is one of the most accomplished competitive swimmers in the world with over 214 FINA Masters World records, 332 U.S. Masters National records, and in 2012 was voted as one of the Top Ten masters swimmers of all-time by Swimming World Magazine. Many of her records stand the test of time spanning 25 years and over five age groups. Karlyn had to find the COURAGE to change and as a result of her miraculous do-over, in 2015 she was inducted into the prestigious International Swimming Hall of Fame.