Tom  Chapman

Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman is an award-winning barber - Started a career with Toni & Guy 15 years ago. Tom taught himself barbering because of the love for men’s hair and alternative styles which required clipper work. Tom opened Tom Chapman Hair Design in the UK in 2011 and began educating all over the UK, USA, Brazil as well as being on stage across Europe and earning the Wahl Barber of the Year. In September 2015 Tom founded The Lions Barber Collective, which started as a group of international barbers raising awareness for suicide prevention and now campaigns for the awareness of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention, believing that the barbershop is a great, safe place for men to talk. Tom has featured on BBC TV and Radio, Channel 4 and FOX News. Currently developing BarberTalk, a form of suicide intervention and mental health awareness course designed for barbers. Tom has received a Points of Light award for his volunteer work from the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.