Brian  Pittana

Brian Pittana

Brian's objective is to reach out to both private and public sectors in order to ascertain resources available in the event of a crisis or disaster situation in order to achieve resilience in communities. He currently works as a licensed funeral director and has held that position since 2007. He is also involved with the coordination of tissue donations for the Trillium Gift of Life Network.
Brian volunteers much of his time and includes: 1) Past Unit Chief with St. John Ambulance in Guelph (2015-2017) 2) Former First aid Instructor St. John Ambulance (2013-2016) 3) Past PDA Supervisor with Canadian Red Cross (DM Division) 4) Current Crisis responder with Victim Services Wellington 5) Current volunteer with Project Lifesaver 6) Past volunteer with Community Volunteer Patrol
Brian also gives us some insight on what to expect when dealing with a funeral directors and what we can expect when taking care of the affairs of a lost loved one.