Ashlee Harmon  Birk

Ashlee Harmon Birk

Several years ago, just two months after the birth of my fifth child, my husband was murdered by the husband of a secret mistress. To say I was broken-hearted would be an understatement. I was humiliated, scared, and broken to my core. For two years I faked life. I lived half alive. Then one day, not long after the month long murder trial that didn't bring the healing I had waited for . . . I took a breath. I looked around and realized that I had become a victim. I began to plead with God to set me free. Many months later a blog was born. "The Moments We Stand". Each post became an escape of the hidden pain. Each story remembered a blessing of grace to a broken heart. As I wrote my story I remembered it differently. Those times I felt alone all the sudden I could see grace...and knew that God was there.
Author of two books. The Moments We Stand: Silence Breaks, and The Moments We Stand: Out of the Shadows and founder of A Reason to Stand, a healing conference for survivors of trauma.