Brad  Circone

Brad Circone

From Banding to Branding: Brad is the President and Founder of Circone + Associates. He is an innovative leader in brand building and equity proliferation, focusing the agency on producing remarkable brands through strategic research, relevant differentiation and preferential positioning.
Prior to his success in branding, Brad was a multi-million dollar recording artist and internationally published lyricist with The Toll on Geffen Records, featuring numerous songs and appearances on MTV, as well as inclusion in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, “Nationally Signed Ohio Artists” collection. Positioned by Rolling Stone Magazine as “the world’s most dangerous band…” and crowned as the “Best Live Act in Europe,” Mr. Circone released the second longest video in MTV history, only behind that of Michel Jackson’s “Thriller.” For nearly twenty years, his Agency has served international, national, and local companies in helping them find their “business meaning,” while producing leading brands.