Khaled  Fattal

Khaled Fattal

Khaled Fattal is chairman of the MLi Group.
The MLi Group provides Geo-Political, Poli-Cyber Terrorism, Incident Response, and Cyber Insurance Audits, as well as Penetration Testing, Cyber Training of all levels and Poli-Cyber Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Services. These unique and specialized services represent some of the critical pillars of its Survivability Solution™ developed in specific response to the traditional cyber security strategies that are failing daily in defending businesses and governments all over the world. Mr Fattal is invited regularly to keynote, speak and chair public and private conferences and events. MLi Group also organizes with its partners Thought Leadership Decision Maker Symposiums and Private Briefings to Boards, C-Suite, and senior government officials about the seismic change to the global cyber and non-cyber threat landscape and the new and innovative solutions needed to mitigate them in the 21st century.