Jamie  McAtee

Jamie McAtee

Jamie McAtee works full time as a freelance graphic designer as well as the Founder of Rescue4All and all of the day-to-day management of the rescue & foster program. She has been involved in animal welfare since 2009. She spent 5 years volunteering for shelters and other rescue groups before stepping out on her own in 2013 starting her own rescue, Rescue4All. Rescue4All is 501c3 non-profit, nondiscriminatory, megaesophagus/PRAA experienced, foster home based, animal rescue with the principal focus on saving dogs that are out of options. R4A is made up of volunteers with the goal to educate people & promote how we can all be better for the animals. Exposing the importance of ending backyard/irresponsible breeding, advocating for spaying/neutering, vaccinating, socialization & training. While creating an impassioned community of people who want to Help Keep the Living Alive!