Ryan  Pierce

Ryan Pierce

Ryan Pierce, Owner of Piercision Rifles, started Piercision Rifles back in 2010 while working with Brux Barrels and then apprenticing under Jim See of Center Shot Rifles. Ryan’s father and grandfather introduced him to hunting at a young age. After trying an F-Class match in his senior year and loving it, he decided he wanted to build guns, travel, and shoot. Not long after starting to build rifles, he and his customers started winning a bunch of matches. That led to more business, so much so that he’s only shot 2 matches in the last 3 years. He has since built a larger shop last winter that allows for the production of 100+ rifles a year…as a one-man shop.

In the last couple years Ryan has applied record setting techniques to long range hunting rifles. The accuracy of these rifles speaks for themselves with customers sending him groups in the .1’s and .2’s MOA on a regular basis with some in the .0s.