Pamala  Smith

Pamala Smith

Perhaps the experience of growing up in a historic Victorian home with her artist mother and realtor father are what drew Pamala Smith into a career in real estate. She was surrounded by colorful tiffany lamps, cozy bay windows and oak inlaid parquet floors. She has enjoyed much success over the years in various real estate endeavors. Pam has been passionate about both a healthy home and a healthy body all her life. A family member’s life altering experience compelled her to return to school and obtain professional training in health and wellness. Pamala’s studies have led her to conclude that healthy lifestyles begin at home. As a bonus to her real estate clients, Pamala teaches them how to live healthier lives starting in their own kitchen. Exposure to potentially harmful toxins and chemicals can be minimized by a process she calls “greening”. In addition, she works with a professional designer to create a family vegetable garden.