Olivier  Larvor

Olivier Larvor

Olivier Larvor is the founder and co-host (with Keith Clarke) of the Death Hangout podcast.
Olivier truly believes that acknowledging our mortality and talking about death can help us to get in touch with our humanity & to grow. He also thinks that some of our current problems come from adopting a death denial behavior.
Olivier is agnostic and is not interested in "what happens after death", but rather how our mortality can support us to live better and to align with our values.
Olivier is currently writing with Keith on the book: "Death, The Best Life Coach Ever" and they hope to publish it in 2018.
After 15 years working Internationally for a top S&P500 company in HR, Olivier created his own company, Convergence Leadership, where he works with evolving organizations wanting to develop fully their human potential.
Oliver is an accredited executive/team coach and facilitator with advanced training in 360° Leadership Circle Profile® and DiSC®.