Keith  Clarke

Keith Clarke

Keith Clarke is the co-host on the Death Hangout Podcast (with Olivier Larvor) and author of the book, “Gen X Marks the Spot: Be The Hero In Your Own Story”
Keith believes contemplating death and the impermanence of all things can lead to us living a life more in line with our values. He believes this can build the courage and resilience required to push through fears and bounce back quicker from set-backs leading to a fuller and more meaningful life.
Keith and Olivier Larvor are currently writing "Death, The Best Life Coach Ever" to publish in 2018.
Keith worked for 15+ years in various senior management positions in Ireland and now runs his own business providing training, coaching, and consultancy to companies. He also provides personal coaching to people via his website
Keith is Life & Business Coach accredited by the Irish Lifecoach Institute. He is also a fully qualified QQI Trainer and holds a Prince II qualification in Project Management.