Boy  Butter

Boy Butter

The man behind the Boy Butter brand is Eyal Feldman, a 40 year old Israeli from New York who decided to take on the embarrassment and stigma surrounding sexual lubricants, and for him the secret is the packaging. “Boy Butter packaging is meant to evoke that traditional down-home American butter containers found in every super market,” Feldman says. “This is my schtick, adult products in food packaging, because no one is ashamed of buying food, it’s just visually more palatable.” We are tongue in cheek and humor is the best way to market a novelty product such as this, once you have a smile you have a sale. "Most lubes on the market today are designed for the female body. We design our lubricants for the male body that women can also use, that makes them best for both sexes at the same time. I call Boy Butter the ‘Goldilocks’ lubricant, because it lasts as long as silicone products but washes off with water alone.”