Kolby  Kolibas

Kolby Kolibas

Kolby is a business creator, author, film producer, social media influencer, global marketing expert, husband and father. He spent over 15 years in corporate America as an executive running sales and marketing for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Dell.
Kolby is the founder of The Meltdown Event Series and the Healthy Primate. He’s advised, built and partnered with hundreds of startups that generated millions of dollars in revenue over the past 10 years. Kolby specializes in the sales process, market penetration, social media and taking actions that produce results.
His belief system has lead him to form one of the most talked about social media, entrepreneur marketing events in the United States. He believes all people have a dream to do something that leaves an impact. His goal is to help as many people unplug from the “matrix” as possible to create a life they love versus one they feel has already been pre-determined.