Éliane  Ubalijoro

Éliane Ubalijoro

Elaine, who has worked in multiple countries, contexts, and collaborations will offer perspectives and success stories about their work in Africa. Leadership development efforts in these constantly changing, yet often traditional settings, requires attention to nuance, cultural competency, and persistence. Through this lens, she talks about the challenges of leadership emerging over the next 30+ years, the trends, the leadership gaps and some recommendations to close the leadership gaps. Included in this conversation is her exploration of how we as individual leaders need to shift our mindset about our roles and behaviors. She explores these change from a genetic perspective – talking about how our physiology and neurology are impacted by our thoughts and feelings as well as our sense of purpose. Much of the work we need to do as leaders is within our control – we need to update our inner algorithm of what a leader is and what they do. This update will produce dramatic impact.