Subhanu  Saxena

Subhanu Saxena

Subhanu Saxena is currently Regional Director Life Science Partnerships, Europe at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as as well as Managing Partner New Rhein Healthcare.
At the Gates Foundation, Subhanu leads the Foundation’s industry engagement in Europe and key Global Health Initiatives. In this capacity, he maintains and develops a deep understanding of the industry and the companies of primary interest to the Foundation. He sustains and enhances the Foundation’s relationships with current and emerging partners, identifying opportunities to augment their Global Health contributions. He guides and supports teams who are engaged or are planning to engage with corporations in Europe and is leading a number of key global initiatives for the Foundation. In his role as co-managing partner in New Rhein Healthcare, he invests in companies that bring innovation whilst reducing the cost to healthcare systems. In addition, Subhanu is a Senior Advisor to Bain Capital.