Ken  Coffey

Ken Coffey

Ken graduated Penticton High School in 1967 and attended University in British Columbia, Canada for 2-years, focusing primarily on Science and Physics. Ken did a variety of jobs for 3-years including, selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door, selling Slick 50 oil additive and delivering snack food to major grocers with Nalley’s Foods. Shortly after his variety of jobs, Ken enrolled in Electronics Engineering Technology at SAIT, receiving an Honors Diploma. In 1984 Ken started an instrument sales company called Micro-Watt Control Devices Ltd. His wife Marlene joined Micro-Watt in 1987 and the both worked diligently to grow sales to approximately $4M annually. In 1992, while still running Micro-Watt, Ken & Marlene formed an electronic design, development and manufacturing company called Net Safety Monitoring. Eventually, they sold Net Safety to Emerson Electric in 2008 after growing sales to $25M and employing up to 100 people.