Jim  Ketchum

Jim Ketchum

Jim Ketchum has been a custom Gun maker in Petaluma, California since 1985 which is also the year he placed his first McMillan stock order. He started his shooting career as a a teenager in smallbore position shooting with a local club. Advancing at a very fast rate, Jim also tried out for the Olympic shooting team in early 1980’s for the English prone match, missing out by a few points. In college he Majored in Machine tool technology.

After a major injury in a Machine Shop, Jim attended Gunsmith school and started out in summer of 1986 with a little ad in the back of Handloader and Rifle magazine.

30 plus years later Jim is still doing what he loves to do and that is, building rifles. He’s built rifles for just about any big game hunting in the world. Jim has also designed and made his own chamber reamers and has hunted all over the world as part of his business.