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12/18/2019 crystal-ball-2020-predictions-special-part-3

Crystal Ball 2020 Predictions Special Part 3

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The buzz: “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” (David Bowie). If you’re hoping to gaze into a magical crystal ball to see what 2020 holds for your company, your industry and the world, we’ve got the next best thing – predictions from 60 thought leaders covering the technologies, strategies, and trends that can help you grow in 2020. Listen Now

9/18/2019 future-cities-role-of-technology-in-global-urbanization

Future Cities: Role of Technology in Global Urbanization

Reinventing Life and Business with Game-Changers, Presented by SAP
The buzz: “The smart city is a gift, a chance to transform old and slow systems and structures into a smart future.” (J. Nürnberger By 2025, 4.7 billion people will live in urban areas (Deloitte), with technology playing a key role in the global movement to cities and how cities prepare for this growth. Listen Now

6/29/2017 iot-for-utilities-get-smart-run-smart

IoT for Utilities: Get Smart, Run Smart!

Game-Changing Utilities of the Future, Presented by SAP
The buzz: “The International Energy Agency expects global energy demand to increase by 37% by 2040…utility companies are finding solutions thanks to the Internet of Things” (Andrew Meola). Yes! Listen Now