Michele  Hovet

Michele Hovet

Michele Hovet is the Client and Partner Innovation Director for KSM Consulting. Michele brings over 25 years of public sector technology leadership to KSMC. Her vast experience includes strategic technology implementation that provides clients with the ability to fully engage and serve their constituents. Her ability to empathetically understand challenges as well as uncover opportunities in the public sector stems from her experience as Deputy City Manager for the City of Arvada, Colorado. As the city’s Chief Information Officer and through empowering her staff, the City of Arvada was recognized year-after-year as a top ten digital city. She was named Top 25 Doer Dreamer and Driver by GovTech Magazine and recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for Local Innovation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration from Fort Lewis College and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Colorado State University.