Suzanne  Seitinger

Suzanne Seitinger

At Philips Lighting, Suzanne Seitinger is responsible for smart cities that leverage digital lighting (LEDs) to create safe, inviting and responsive urban environments. Her interdisciplinary background in architecture, urban planning and human-computer interaction spans research and design projects like the Digital Mile in Zaragoza, Spain and Urban Pixels, wireless LED pixels for ad-hoc media façades. LightBridge, a project in honor of MIT’s 150th anniversary in Cambridge, MA, used new configurations of low-resolution displays and sensor-activated urban screens to showcase the potential of responsive infrastructures in future urban lighting plans. Much of this research is summarized in Light for Public Space which describes how public lighting has changed in the last decades. Suzanne received a BA from Princeton University and a PhD, MS and MCP from MIT. Her PhD dissertation is titled Liberated Pixels: Alternative Narratives for Lighting Future Cities.