Sophie  Roumeas

Sophie Roumeas

Therapist, coach in mindfulness, Innovation consultant and product developer, Sophie Roumeas has been traveling the world to develop and implement “art of living” alternative therapies : ericksonian hypnosis, mindfulness, systemic constellations, & past-life regression. Native of the French Alps, Sophie has created Mindful Therapy: each client is tailored a unique formula to get rid of limitations and traumas, and manifest positive transformation. Since 2016 she has been teaching “Alpes Meditation” through a “7 step-process ritual”- a service for mindfulness and innovation at work. Musicians, painters, writers, teachers, business leaders apply her techniques to develop happiness, creativity, and achieve their goals. Trainer for Auravision developed by ID Com International in Canada, Sophie leads people to open their intuition and applying their psychic abilities to perform Aura Reading. Her motto: “Let’s Voice Your Soul!” You can find her at: